Long natural afro hairstyles

The Top 7 Haircuts for Black Men

Men all around the world want to look cool and trendy. Like white men, black men also want to put an impression on the person they meet. As you know the first impression is the last impression, so you have to be careful with your looks. You can try to look decent y wearing some decent clothes. But you also have to maintain your decent look by having a decent and a trendy haircut. Here are top 7 haircuts for black men which they can try to look trendy and cool:

Most black men have the Afro hairstyle as their natural hair style. They look cool in this natural look but they must get it trimmed after a month. So that they can look trendy and decent.

Long natural afro hairstyles

If you are a follower of Cornrows, then you must follow his footsteps. He has adopted the braid style and he looks pretty cool in this look.

Cornrows braids styles for men

Black men who want to try something different and funky can try this African American hairstyle. It is the best hairstyle for black me which they can adopt in 2013.

Best African American men haircuts

If black men want extra short hair they can try it, most of the girls and women like men with short hair. So if you want girls and women to follow you and appreciate you. You must try this hairstyle.

Short black hair styles for men

African American men can try this buzz cut hairstyle. It is different from the typical haircuts and is trendy too.

Short sexy buzz cut for African American Men

For black men who wish to own log hairs can go out for this dreadlocks hairstyle. It will help you keep your hair maintained and will give you a trendy modern look.

Long dreadlocks styles for men

This African American hairstyle is the combination of Afro hairstyle and braids. It is cool and trendy hairstyle which black men can adopt.

Mix of cornrows and afro for African American men