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20 Guys with Red Hair

From Rita Hayworth, to Julia Roberts, to Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, a hot red mane has helped turn many a woman into an instant sex symbol. But what about the guy hairs? For years, gingers and red hair seem to have been unnoticed, but they’re finally beginning to take center stage. Red hair attracts attention because red is the least common hair colour. Worldwide, only 1-2 % of people have naturally red colored hair. There are absolutely more people with black, brown, and blonde hair than redheads. Because it is rare, red hair is considered special. Red hair is most common among people of northern or western European ancestry. Especially Irish man and women come to mind. Red hair comes in many shades between light strawberry-red to deep mahogany red. In this gallery, you can find 20 Guys with Red Hair.

1. Red Short Hairstyle for Men

Guys with Red Short Hair


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2. Red Pompadour Hair for Guys

Red Pompadour Hair Guy


3. Ginger Red Wavy Hair for Guys

Red Wavy Hair Guys


4. Cool Red Hair with Beret

Guy with Cool Red Hair


5. Guy with Straight Red Spiky Hair

Guy with Straight Red Hairstyles

6. Guy with Red Dreads Hairstyle

Guys with Red Hair Dreads Pics


7. Guy with Red Punk Hairstyle

Guys with Red Punk Hair Ideas


8. Handsome Guy with Red Long Hair

Guys with Red Long Hairstyles


9. Guy with Red Medium Straight Hair

Guys with Red Medium Hairstyles


10. Guy with Red Long Wavy Messy Hair

Guys with Red Long Wavy Hairstyles


11. Guy with Red Short Haircut

Guys with Red Short Haircuts


12. Red Ombre Straight Dark Hair

Guys with Red Ombre Hair Color

13. Guy with Messy Ginger Red Hair

Guys with Ginger Red Hair Color

14. Cute Guy with Red Curly Hair

Guys with Red Curly Hair Ideas


15. Ginger Guy with Red Straight Hair

Guys with Red Straight Hairstyle


16. Straight Medium Side Swept Red Hair

Guys with Medium Side Swept Red Hairstyles

17. Asian Guy with Short Red Hair

Guys with Short Red Hair Idea

18. Short Red Mohawk Hairstyle

Guys with Short Red Mohawk Hairstyles


19. Cute Guy with Straight Medium Red Hair

Guys with Straight Medium Red Hairstyles

20. Curly Medium Red Haircut for Guys

Guys with Curly Medium Red Hairstyle


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