Really Stylish Celebrity Male Hairstyles

Every man has an idol celebrity that inspires him with his style and haircut. So today I will represent you the best celebrity looks that will make you look cool and trendy.

We have started our gallery with one of the coolest men on earth: Mads Mikkelsen. He generally adopts medium length hairstyles but shorter hairstyle also emphasizes his facial features and looks great on him. Jared Leto also would be a great hairstyle inspiration for many guys because he likes to adopt different hairstyles for different times. He has sported super long hair, short cropped hairstyle and mid length hair with blonde hair color as you will see below in our gallery. If you are a mature man who has thinning hair or balding head it would be wise to sport short cropped hairstyles. Mid-length haircuts will show off the defects easily and no one wants that. Tapered haircuts and Pompadour also very popular among male celebrities of all ages.  Young guys can go with short to medium length hairstyles with shaved sides or undercut this way you can emphasize your cool style.


1. Mads Mikkelsen

Celebrity Mens Hairstyles

2. Jamie Dornan

Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

3. Jared Leto

Celebrity Hairstyles Men

4. Nicholas Hoult

Celebrity Male Hairstyles

5. Dylan O’Brien

Celebrity Hairstyles Mens


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