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25 Older Mens Hairstyles 2018

Growing older doesn’t mean one has to become monotonous and out of style. One can grow older, have their hair turned gray and still look fresh and gorgeous. The secret of looking beautiful is not behind the age of the person, it is behind how a person acts and presents themselves.

Hairstyle is an important factor when it comes to being in trend. There are many hairstyles for elderly men that make them look trendy and fashionable. That is why today we bring to you 25 of the best hairstyles for older men which will help you reboot your confidence and make you look spectacular!

1- Older Men’s Hairstyle 2018

Older Mens Hairtyles 2018, Dean Pace Morgan Jeffrey

In this hairstyle, the hair is kept a little bit short on the sides and fuller on the top. The top portion is brushed back to give a seamless and relaxed look, perfect for any outing!

2- Spike Hair

Short Hair, Older Best All Classic

Short haircuts look amazing on older men. It lessens the appearance of aging and makes you look lively. The sides are trimmed very short and the rest of the hair is kept set with hair gel in an upward direction.

3- Silver Polished Hair

Silver Beard, Dean Jeffrey Barba Beard

Believe it or not, gray or silver hair color looks great if it is carried out well. Many fashion magazines are seen featuring such looks of men having silver hair complimented by a nicely trimmed beard. We assure you that this hairstyle with a silver beard will make you look very handsome.

4- Stylish Hair and Beard

Hair and Beard Style, Beard Work Sexy Hairline

5-  Top up Grey Hair Style

Grey Hair Styles, Downey Robert Grey Johnny

6- Slicked Back, Shaved Side and Front High Mound with Matching Beard

Fade Pompadour Older Beard

7- Flattened Spike Hairstyle

Older 2018 Clooney Best

8- Light Curly Grey Hair

Chris Charlie 2018 Older

9- Shiny Silver Haircut

Best All Classic Over

10- Medium Wavy Thin Hair

Long Thorin Awesome Beards

11- Side Shaved Fade Grey tress

Fade Low Hair Haircuts

12- Stunning Platinum Haircut

Best Cool 2018 Old

13- Stylish Tilted Spike

Lenny 2017 Beards Gandy

14- Light Brown Short Hair

Beard 2018 Older Michael

15- Grey Rooted Curly Hair

Older Jensen Hunnam Jamie

16- Silver Classy Hair for Men

Dean Jeffrey Chris Roman

17- Mounded Spike

Charlie Best Cool All

18- Black and Grey Haircut

Beard Norman Classic Full

19- Silver Wavy with Curly Ends Hairstyle

Mens Hairtyles Beard Beards

20- Rich Platinum Hair

Older Donald Trump Best

21- White Upturn

Length Medium Gandy Best

22- James Bond Cut

Over Beckham Butler Gerard

23- Side Parted Short Haircut for Men

Mens Beards Hairtyles Beautiful

24- Spike Tilted Behind

Tom Jamie Skin Hiddleston

25- Light Grey Hair

Charlie Best Cool 2018

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