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Calling all the guys with blonde hair or bleached hair! We have collected the best blonde hairstyle ideas that can help you to update your look with a new fresh one!

Blonde haired guys are very lucky because they look absolutely handsome when they have blue or green eyes and they get tanned. Not just that blonde hair show off the haircut and layering perfectly so it is really important to have a decent haircut. If you don’t have naturally blonde hair you can try bleached hair, it is really popular hair color for men thanks to Justin Beiber and Zayn Malik. How about black men with blonde hair? Some may say it is uncool but you should know that it is also very trendy! If you want to be a black man with blonde hair you should definitely try this hair color at a salon, since the extreme hair bleaching will be needed.

So here are the latest hairstyle ideas for men with blonde hair, browse out gallery for more inspiration and ideas!

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