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Chill Style Medium Haircuts for Guys

Some men don’t like to go too short. They want more hair on their head but at the same time hair that can be manageable and maintained. The best option for such men is the medium hair. Having a medium hair is the best option for many men. If they have patches on their head, it can be easily covered with this hairstyle. Sometimes, the patches can be used as an advantage by the men and converted into some unique styles. But here are some of the greatest medium cut hairstyles that you should try out.

Pompadour is a good option for a medium cut. It gives a lot of volume to the hair at the front which is essential especially if you want to hide your patches. Combining the pompadour style with a skin fade is the right option to go if you’d want something modern. The hair on your sides gradually fades to the skin while there’s a lot of hair on the top. Adding surgical lines on the sides is another great option to do to achieve a cooler hairstyle.

Undercut and pompadour is another great combination to try if you want to have a trendy medium hairstyle. With undercut, the sides are trimmed down and the pompadour has volume. But when adopting this style, ensure the pompadour is slicked back. Because this look gives a tremendous appearance and also looks neat and tidy. Brush back the hair using the comb and open yourself to a cooler appearance.

If you have curly hair, medium cuts are a great option for you. With fringes, you can achieve a great hairstyle. The fringes should be concentrated on the front and the hair should be ruffled to achieve a cooler style.

There are many other styles for the medium cut. Scroll down for more:

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Medium Haircuts for Guys

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