Medium Long Men Hairstyles You Should See

Done with your long hair and willing to experience some change? Opting for short haircut with visible head skin suddenly may look devastating on any facial shape. So, the best option would be to try a medium long hairstyle for men. They are super easy to get and need little maintenance. Simply by running your fingers through your manes, you can get your desired look anytime anywhere.

Now, the real battle begins when you’re in the salon and yet to decide which hairstyle to go with. The rule of thumb is – consider your hair quality – thin or thick, curly or wavy or straight, then the hair color – black, brown, dark brown or blonde (all of which are, of course, customizable) and then finally your facial contour. And in case, you’re thinking of pairing your medium long hairstyle with some sort of beard, you have to invest more thought about this.

Since the big online and offline worlds have numbers of hairstyles to confuse you with, in this easy to follow guide, we’ve cited only the best medium long men hairstyles so you’re never caught short.


1. Side Parted Medium Hairstyle for Men

Medium Hairstyles for Men

To add volume on your medium length hair, there’s nothing more effective than this side parted style. It’s versatile and can be statement making on your overall attributes. You see that bunches of mane that covers half the eye so magnificently while touching the eye brows? This simple change on your appearance can make your lady give you an inviting smile. Green signal, aha!

2. Dark Brown Medium Hairstyle

Men Medium Hairstyles

Dark brown color has its own appeal. If you’re got it naturally, you’re fortunate, man! However, men with other hair color can also take the advantage though, thanks to the perfectly working hair dyes. And finally, you can add a little bit of business on your dark brown hair with this medium hairstyle. Try and see it yourself!

3. Cute Medium Hairstyle

Mens Medium Hairstyles

4. Messy Hairstyle Men

Medium Hairstyles Men

5. Curly Short Hair

Medium Mens Hairstyles


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