Attractive Medium Haircut for Guys

Medium haircuts are great for men with healthy looking hair, they’re great for stylish and modern looks. We all know that long hair and man bun is the latest hair trend but medium length haircut will never be out of style so it would be wise to know how to adapt and style it.

If you are a man who doesn’t like to spend lots of time to style your hair short to medium haircuts are perfect for you. Spiky styles will make your hair look voluminous and chic. Medium haircuts are great for men with thick hair, you can have any hairstyle you want especially the longer ones. If you have round face shape hairstyles with long hair on top and shorter sides would be the perfect option.

Medium length haircuts are generally suitable for young men but they are also a great idea for businessmen. You can style medium haircut slicked back or side parted for special occasions. Now let’s take a look at the best hair ideas for stylish men:

1. Spiky Look Medium Haircut for Guys

Medium Haircuts for Guys

2. Medium Wavy Hairstyle for Guys

Medium Hairstyles for Guys

3. Messy Medium Hair

Guys Medium Haircuts

4. Short Sides Medium Hair Style

Medium Hair Styles for Men

5. 2017 Medium Haircut for Natural Curly Men Hair

2017 Medium Haircuts for Guys


Medium Haircuts for Guys-6


Medium Haircuts for Guys-7


Medium Haircuts for Guys-8


Medium Haircuts for Guys-9


Medium Haircuts for Guys-10


Medium Haircuts for Guys-11


Medium Haircuts for Guys-12


Medium Haircuts for Guys-13


Medium Haircuts for Guys-14


Medium Haircuts for Guys-15


Medium Haircuts for Guys-16