18 Man with Long Hair And Beard

Looking cool and phenomenally stylish has a lot to do with both of your hair and beard. So, if you’re acting like a cry-baby due to the lack of attention from your long-dreamt lady, there’s above hundred percent possibility is that you’re missing the point of making your facial hair match your hair on the skull.

The thing is, depending wholly on your hairstyle to look dashing and sensually attractive is keeping you behind others in the game. You have to learn to present yourself as charming and charismatic as possible by maintaining the code of coolness. You have to keep the proportion of long hair and beard balanced to get the ultimate ravishing look.

And when you’re having a long hair as well as beard, “Playful” is the word we want to use for making your look graceful and bold. Long men hair already endows a vibe of badass look to the wearer. But we encourage you to be more than that. We want you to win your lady’s heart with a Big score. So, say goodbye to your average look by adopting one of the following styles. Don’t forget to consider your facial shape and hair volume, color and texture as well. Good luck!

1- Man with Long Hair and Beard

Man with Long Hair and Beard, Long Asos Amazing Bun

This style is common among the men with long hair these days. But still, people are getting more and more inclined to this style due to its easy to do technique. Pair it up with a full beard accompanying shorter length facial hair and you’ll end up looking awesome.

2- Cool Hair

Cool Hair, Bun Cool Latest Up

3- Fashion Hair

Fashion Hair, Fashion Leto Norman Jared

4- Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style, Bohemian Leto Jared Wild

5- Patrick Petitjean

Patrick Petitjean, Beard Long Thorin Leto

6- Men Long Hair Bun

Men Long Hair Bun, Long Latest One Model

7- Spike Hair with Long Beard

Beard Zayn Jared Hot

8- Samurai Top Bun

Long Beard Easy Great

9- Side Parted Long Hair and Beard

Beard Thorin Long Dynasty

10- Fantastic Long Hair and Great Beard

Beard Thorin Long Richard

11- Messy Top Bun

Bun Edgy Band Naturally

12- Stylish Hair with Awesome Beard

Beard Long Barbudo Bärte

13- Top Bun for Thick Hair

Zayn Barba Akyürek Engin

14- Layered Haircut for Men

Long Leto Jared Most

15- Best Curly Short Hair for Men

Hair Long Jared Beard

16- Josh Mario John Hairstyle

Beard Long Charlie Cool

17- Flat Long Bob Hairstyle for Men

Beard Josh John Full

18- Centre Parted Wavy Haircut

Leto Jared Hair Long