Striking Beard and Hairstyles for Men

A good hairstyle can give you a vibrant look, but it’ll be difficult to stay on the game for long with  a not-so-good beard. If your recent dates haven’t reciprocated the positive attitudes towards you, chances are, the wrong set of beard and hairstyle is the prominent reason behind your regressive relationship status.

So, what’s next? How can you overcome such dramatic low condition? The answer is simple! You can master the dilemma by pairing two big shots together. For example – you can complement your man bun with full beard, or can combine your medium length fringe with close-cropped tailback or extended goatee and the list goes on.

Now, choosing the best pair, that don’t look too simple or too extreme, can be daunting. But no worry! Let us guide you through bunches of striking beard and hairstyle suggestions that can help you stay ahead in this modern and unruly world of trend.

1. Cool Beard and Hairstyle for Men

Beard and Hairstyles for Men

Style your undercut with full beard of longer length. The biggest advantage here is – you can be playful with the length variation of undercut. Keep all of your hair either on the top or comb it aside. With both styles, the full beard will give you a more practical look.

2. Long Hair Bun with Beard

Beard and Hairstyles

Skyrocket your masculine attitude as well as confidence with this long hair bun with beard set. Pair it with a t-shirt or a blazer and see the impact on ladies! Who knows? The lady of your dream may take lifelong commitment to be with you after seeing your new fashionable look.

3. Beard and Short Hairstyle

Bearded Men Hairstyles

If you’re one of those guys who don’t want to spend their valuable hours on hair maintenance and still want to look cool and trendy, this one’s for you. As you can see, this style requires cutting your short and keeping them close to the head. Consequently, a short spike comes into existence that complement the beard for a more attractive look.

4. Curly Hair

Beard and Hairstyles Men

5. Older Men Hair and Beard Style

Beard and Hair for Men


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