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18 Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair

When it comes to men’s appearance, following the style and trend of the beard is something that any man can hardly ignore. True, in previous ages, men were ignorant of their looks and therefore, liked to keep their facial hair shaved. But as the time is advancing, they are involving nearly on an invisible war to look as much cool as possible to draw their ladies attention. And as you can see around you, the hair and beard style has taken the topmost position in the mind of men allowing them to keep pace with the modern swag.

However, looking fashionable also requires matching your own comfort as well. You can’t go with any random style without judging whether the chosen one is decreasing or increasing your overall appearance and whether it is in sync with your haircut also. On the question of matching with the haircut, we want you to be more knowledgeable about your final look accompanying hair and beard.

Therefore, we have come to educate you about some beard style that will suit your haircut. Here, we’re covering the beard styles that are made to couple with short hair only, though! You’ll see a wide variety of beard options ranging from simple to complex.

Now, let’s scroll down! 🙂

1- Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair

Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair, Hairtyles Beard Cool Mens

This one is perfect to wear a smart look. Chances are, your lady will be irresistible to get closer to you when her eyes will meet your dashing appearance.

2- Side Shaved Short Hair

Short Hair, Beard Short Beards Fade

3- Beard Short Back and Sides

Beard Short Back and Sides, Beard Back Short Hairtyles

4- Different Beard Style

Different Beard Style, Fade Beard Design Taper

5- Fashion Beard

Fashion Beard, Richard Chris Jamie Some

6- Definition Haircut With Short Beard

Fade Beard Hairtyles Beards

7- Over Fifty a Fit Look

Beard Man Bearded Hardy

8- Very Short Hair with Beard

Beard Short Hairtyles Johnny

9- Cool Epic Beard

Beard Jamie Awesome Love

10- Stunning Thick Beard

Beard Short Beards Dornan

11- Buzz Cut with Small Beard

Beard Dornan Jamie Short

12- Small Grey Hair and Beard

Dean Beard Morgan Jeffrey

13- Fuzzy Beard

Beard Beautiful Man Bearded

14- Medium Short Beard with Small Hair

Beard Armitage Dornan Richard

15- Bohemian Beard

Beard Eyes Short Bärte

16- Beard with Spike Hair

J Williams Hairtyles Beard

17- Fine Beard and Side Shaved Hair

Fade Beards Hairtyles Beard

18- Layered Spike Hair and Beard

Beard Hairtyles Short Hair

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