10 Beard Styles for Round Face

Do you know there are at least 7 types or shapes of faces in general? Round is definitely one of them. This blog is related to the beard styles for round face. If you do not know the different types of faces then let us give you the information. One is round shape. Second is a square shape. The third is an oblong face. Fourth is a rectangular face. The fifth one is a diamond face. Sixth is a triangular face. Last is the inverted triangle face. This clearly shows that you cannot go for just one kind of beard style. You need to change your beard style according to your face. Some people have an intermediate style where they can choose different styles based on that intermediate look. For example, some faces are long but slightly round because of many reasons such as obesity. In such cases, you can mix the look. For example, beard style for men with round face includes soul patch, chin strap, and goatee style. The long face will have mutton chops style. To mix the style you can keep the chops with a chin strap or thin mutton chop etc. We already have blogs and do it yourself articles on round face beard and haircut. You can combine hair and beard styles for round face to enhance your beard look. Some round faces are more apt for clean shaved or very short hair with full patch beards. You can even consult your barber or the hairdresser to change your look according to your face. Most of them will suggest better beard style as they have the eyes and experience to asses your face and then recommend a look. If you are not sure then you can go for the looks shown in the images in the blog.

1-Beard Styles for Round Face

Beard Styles for Round Face, Beard Face Round Richard


Sunglasses, Beard Face Round Style


Cool, Beard Reign Thorin Cool

4-George Clooney

George Clooney, Beard Clooney Picture Face

5-Long Hair

Long Hair, Round Long Faces Best


Beard Henry Walker Jamie


Chris Tatum Neat Very


Good Beard Faces Round


Beard Haircut Mens Hairtyles


Short Beard Chris Charlie