20 Black Men with Long Hair

Choosing hairstyles for a darker complexion might be tricky because there are so many options to choose from. Almost all haircuts suit black men but it is important to choose them wisely according to face shape, hair color, texture and length. If you have a longer length of hair there are a number of hairstyles that you can try according to preference. But this feat might become a bit difficult which is why we have brought together 20 hairstyles for black men with long hair that will surely help you choose the right hairstyle.


1-Curly Hair

Curly Hair, Hair Men Long Black

The curly hair suits the best for black men with longer length of hair. You could opt for shorter or bigger curls according to your choice. You could also add some highlights to make the hair look more lively and edgy. Go for a highlight of a lighter shade on some parts of your hair to make yourself look fresh and groovy.

2-Afro Hair

Afro Hair, Hair Boys Men Curly

Some people might think that curly hair and afro hair are the same thing but that’s completely wrong. Afro hair is the natural hair type of a significant number of African people and has a much finer curly texture. Afro hair can be left as is and is considered high style in the fashion history. But there are also other hairdos that you can try with the afro hair to complement it.

3-Trendy Hair

Trendy Hair, Curly Reign Roman Harington

By trendy hair we mean the latest trends on haircuts or hairstyles showcased by fashion magazines or on the internet. Trends are consistently changing but it is important to have some knowledge about them if you want to look stylish. Hairstyles for black men also have their own trends. One of such trends is loose voluminous curls. This hairstyle is great for thick and long hair. Hairdos like half buns or top knots can also be done to such haircut.

4-Grow Long Hair for Black Male

Grow Long Hair for Black Male, Diana Hair Styling Model

5-Black Men with Long Hair

Black Men with Long Hair, Hair Curly Hairtyles Afro



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