Cool Black Guys with Unique Hairstyles

Black men have their own unique hair type that will make them look cool and stylish effortlessly. Since you have really thick and curly hair you might thick hair buzz cut is the only solution not to spend time on your hair. But there are lots different hairstyle ideas for men with curly hair. Tapered, disconnected hairstyles are the most preferred hairstyles among black men. Dreadlocks are also a good choice if you have a medium or long hairstyleYour hairstyle should suit your face shape and facial hair, disconnected hairstyles are perfect for clean or subtle facial hair. Bearded guys can go with long hairstyles too. Now it is time to take a look at the best haircut and hairstyle ideas for black men who want to get some inspiration for new and stylish looks. 

1. Cool Short Side Long Top Hair

Black Guys with Hairstyles

2. Tapered Cut Hairstyle

Black Guys Hairstyles

3. Faded Cut Hairstyle

Black Men Hairstyles

4. Cool Braided Black Hair

Black Men Hair

5. Natural Curly Hair Style

Black Guys Hair Styles

6. Long Dreadlocks

Black Guys with Hairstyles-6

7. Curly Short Hair Idea

Black Guys with Hairstyles-7

8. Dreadlocks with Undercut Style

Black Guys with Hairstyles-8

9. Natural Curly Hair

Black Guys with Hairstyles-9

10. Medium Haircut Idea

Black Guys with Hairstyles-10