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Fantastic Examples of Lumberjack Beard Styles

Lumberjack style is known as a tough guy’s style who like nature and have a masculine look such as having a full beard and athletic body.You don’t need a flannel shirt or axe to pull off this look actually because a full beard is one of the most popular styles for men.

It looks great with mid length haircuts but you can totally create the lumberjack style with short hairstyles and long hair too. If you want to pull off this style you need to get a proper trim but your hair and beard should look messy. Don’t get over-messy unless you want to look a hobo or a homeless guy.

Man-bun is another trend for men so you can pair these two to look like really charming men for women! Long hair and lumberjack beard would look really cool on men, your hair should be thick and easy-to-style to rock this look. As we said before you can customize this style for your desired and rock this look!

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