Mens Medium Hairstyles

Men Medium Length hairstyles 2013

There is something glamorous and masculine in the medium-length hairstyles which one can never have from short and long hairstyles. For this reason, the medium length hairstyles are the usual trendy alternatives for the short and long hairstyles. The medium-length men haircuts are easier to fix and manage affording you a wide variety of combing styles and outlook which vary according to your get-ups and mood.

There is the medium-length side part hairstyle in which the rugged bangs fall slightly to one side of the head, hiding a great part of the forehead. The sides and backs are slightly trimmed hiding slightly the ears and the nape. This gives you a masculine, yet cool, stylish, and trendy masculine look.

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There is the typical Simon Nessman medium length straighten out hairstyle which reveals the whole of forehead with slightly trimmed sides and back which show forth both ears. This hairstyle emphasizes the clean masculine contour of the face and gives you trendy, yet cool facial look. Likewise, the top is combed in a stylish straighten out fashion which typifies a modern masculine mien.

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Another medium-length hairstyle is the medium brown I hairstyle which allows the volume of the hair to fall smoothly on one side of the forehead, revealing a strong ferocious masculine look. The sides and back are slightly trimmed allowing a clear look at the ears.

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The shaggy medium-length hairstyle typifies a cool, non-aggressive demeanor, usually sported by iconic figures such as Brad Pitt. The hair waves naturally as if the person has just gotten out of bed. This hairstyle reveals a cool and stylish look of the boy-next-door.

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The slightly longer shaggy medium-length hairstyle which sports a cool and hippy masculine look, typical of matinee idol of bygone days. This trendy hairstyle gives you an amazingly cool demeanor which is highly desirable by damsels and ladies.

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