Mens Medium Hairstyles

10 Medium Length Haircuts Men

If you think short hair is too short and long hair is too long, then medium length hair is exactly right. These almost chin length hairstyles are on trend for this year, worn messier and longer. With a medium length of hair you’re open to more fashionable choices that can be part shaved, straight, wavy and of course, with as little or as much result in your hair as you like. Once you get one technique down, whether it’s spikes the slick look or hipster hair, you can use similar methods and products for other styles.
Medium length hair is arguably the most pop of all hair lengths for men, not just because it looks incredibly charming, also it is extremely variable and can be played with and shaped into a style to match any case. Below is a list of some of the most popular hairstyles that work for men with medium length hair.

1. Mitch Hewer’s Medium Length Hairstyle

Mitch Hewer Medium Length Hair Men

2. Medium Hairstyle for Men

Men Hair Cut for 2014-2015


3. Slicked Hairstyle with Beard

Slicked Men Hairstyles 2014-2015


4. Medium Hairstyle for Guys

Boys Hairstyle with Medium Haircut


5. Gorgeous Medium Haircut

Gorgeous Mens Haircuts 2014-2015


6. Best Masculine Medium Haircut

Best Masculine Medium Haircuts for Men


7. Medium Lenght Haircut with Sliced Back

Sliced Back Longer Top Sides


8. Classy Haircut with Side Parted

Side Parted Classy Haircut for Men


9. Messy Quiff Male Hairstyle

Mens Messy Quiff Hairstyles


10. Modern Medium Haircut for Men

Men's Modern Haircuts




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