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Shaved Side Hairstyles Men

If you haven’t recognized, the shaved men’s hairstyle is really gaining momentum both with celebrities and many of the World Cup players. Ronaldo and Neymar are first examples of men who are going shaved on the sides with length on top. This haircut permits for a change in styling when suitable, which makes it super versatile. Men shaved sides hairstyles are usually worn in summer. Such hairstyles make you feel easy and refreshing while keeping you sweat-free in hot summer weather. This type of haircut is also known as military hairstyles. Amazingly, it can be both looked modern and classic in the same time. Classical looks can be seen from the top haircut. Meanwhile, the modern effect will appear from the shaved side. We’ve selected some glamorous Shaved Side Hairstyles Men that will give you some inspiration if you’re looking to go the side shaved haircut. This post will ease you to settle what you want to do with your hair and how to make it perfectly cool. So, keep looking at the pictures and find the most haircuts you love.

1. Shaved Side Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Shaved Side Spiky Hairstyles Men


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2. Man with Shaved Side Classic Hairstyle

Mens Shaved Side Classic Hairstyles


3. Trendy Shaved Slicked Side Haircut for Men

Trendy Shaved Side Haircut Men


4. Side Shaved Curly Hair for Men

Side Shaved Curly Hair Men


5. Side Shaved Straight Blonde Hair for Men

Side Shaved Straight Blonde Hair Men


6. Light Brown Side Shaved Straight Side Swept Hair for Men

Side Shaved Straight Side Swept Hair Men


7. Side Shaved and Side Swept Dark Hair for Men

Side Shaved Side Swept Dark Hair Men


8. Shaved Side Casual Hairstyle for Men

Shaved Side Casual Hairstyles Ideas Men


9. Shaved Side Cool Hairstyle for Men

Shaved Side Cool Hairstyles Ideas for Men


10. ShortShaved Side Hairstyle for Ginger Men

Shaved Side Hairstyles for Ginger Men


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