Trendy Mens Hairstyles

Pretty Cool Vintage Inspired Men’s Haircuts

We have rounded up the best images of Pretty Cool Vintage Inspired Men’s Haircuts that will inspire you to be a gentleman! It is no surprise that many of the today’s hairstyles for men have roots in 50’s. Back then men sported short hair more than long ones since short ones were considered more decent and clean. Also people used to adopt medium to long length hair styles with different variations like the classic pompadour and slick back look. Comb over  men’s hairstyles were so popular back in 1950’s and nowadays it is a perfect style for special events like wedding or any other day.  . To achieve the perfect vintage Pompadour hairstyles you need to damp your hairs first and then use a pomade to slick back the sides. Here are the vintage hairstyle ideas for men than will inspire you! Take a look at our gallery below and adopt the one fits you best!

1. Vintage Style Mens’ Haircut

Vintage Mens Haircuts

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2. Mens’ Vintage Hairstyle

Mens Vintage Hairstyles

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3. Classy Vintage Hairstyle

Vintage Mens Hairstyles

4. Sleek Vintage Hairstyle for Men

Vintage Hairstyles Men

5. Back View of Vintage Haircut

Vintage Hairstyles for Men


Vintage Mens Haircuts-6


Vintage Mens Haircuts-7


Vintage Mens Haircuts-8


Vintage Mens Haircuts-9


Vintage Mens Haircuts-10


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