Haircuts for long hair men 2013

Best Long Hairstyles for Men 2012 – 2013

Men have had short men hairstyles for about a 1000 years now. So i mean since the humanity started to have hairdressers, they have prefered to cut mens hair shorter. This was actually a result of laziness of the men, as they did not want to care and spend time on their hair. Yet, this phenomena has changed. Today, men care about their hair more than women do and it is the right thing to do.

Mahendra Singh is a user of long hair and he definitely wouldn’t look this handsome with a short hair. Thanks to the wind!

Mahendra singh dhoni long hair

Sunburned skin, cool glasses, a necklace. Only thing missing would be a cool long hair and this model here definitely has it.

Cool long hairstyles for men 2012

It is a fact that blonde thin hair may look weird in long hairstyles yet as you can see it is not the case when you handle your hair well. Also this hairstyle can be accepted as a men emo hairstyle.

Long emo hairstyles for guys 2013

Asian men are leaving their traditions now, and longer hair are getting more popular among them. This hairstyle here is a good and modern looking long hair for Asian men.

Hairstyles for long hair 2013 asian men

This messy, long, wavy hairstyle with bangs will make you look like a rockstar even if you don’t have the ability to play any instrument.

Long haircuts with bangs for men

If you are a Latino and you have a curly hair, you can grow your hair long and look this charismatic and handsome at same time. Only thing you need is bravery.

Long hairstyles for men with curly hair

Peter Facinelli is a good example of how does the Italian men attract women. If you are going to compete with him, you have to have a hair as good as his.

Long shaggy mens hairstyle 2012

You don’t need wavy hair to have a long hairstyle if you are a man. Straight hair may look this good with proper hairdressing in long hairstyles. Wisely choose your hairdresser.

Hairstyles long thick straight hair men

A long haired and bearded Ron Weasley. You may laugh at him, you may dislike him, BUT, you can never deny that he got married with Emma Watson in the end! (Spoiler alert!)

Mens long wavy hairstyles 2012

If you are a Latino and you have a curly hair, you can grow your hair long and look this charismatic and handsome at same time. Only thing you need is bravery.

Men's long curly hairstyles 2012

Long hair does not mean your hair have to reach your shoulders. You can grow your hair upwards and shave the sides and downs of your hair. All you need is being handsome as this model here.

Long curly hairstyles for men 2012

Forget about the glasses. I am also aware of the silly look of them. Just concentrate on hair and see how good it looks.

Trendy long hairstyles for men 2013

Wanna look a bit unresponsible, different and rebel. Here is your style. I’m not saying hairstyle, this is your style with hair, beard, glasses and the clothes.

Shaggy wavy mens hairstyle 2013

Do not thing pushing your hair back is not trendy anymore. It is a classic hairstyle. Look how good John Travolta looked this way and if he would stay same if he had enough hair.

Pushed back hairstyles for men

Earring detail here looks awesome. Best level of length to keep your hair at. Try not to exceed this length.

Haircuts for long hair men 2013

Growing your hair is a risky business. You may look weird in the process of growing hair, people may laugh at your silly hair. Yet all the difficulties should be received well if the end of the road is looking this good.