15 Stylish Men with Long Hairstyles

Long hair on men is the biggest trend recently especially man bun is taking over the internet! If you want to grow your hair long you need to know a couple of steps to cool and stylish long hairstyles.

Lots of male celebrities adopt long hairstyles whether they are mid length or super long, Kit Harrington looks really cool with his medium to long hair,  Hary Styles’ long hair is one of the best looks of him.

Your hair type is really important when it comes to long hairstyles, if you have thin or fine hair you need to go with the medium to long hairstyles otherwise your hair will look really flat and unflattering. If you have thicker hair type you can go with super long hairstyles, man bun would be a perfect choice for summer.

1. Classy Long Hairstyle for Men

Long Hairstyles Men

2. Curly Long Hair Style for Men

Long Hair Styles for Men

3. Guy with Long Hair Bun

Men with Long Hairstyles

4. Long Blonde Hair for Men

Long Hair for Men

5. Long Messy Bun for Guys

Long Haircuts Men

6. Medium Long Blonde Hairstyle

Long Hairstyles Men-6

7. Mid-Length Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Long Hairstyles Men-7

8. Curly Long Hairstyle Idea

Long Hairstyles Men-8

9. Layered Blonde Hair

Long Hairstyles Men-9

10. Kit Harrington’s Dark Hair

Long Hairstyles Men-10

11. Messy Bun Style for Men

Long Hairstyles Men-11

12. Natural Long Hairstyle

Long Hairstyles Men-12

13. Layered Stylish Long Hair

Long Hairstyles Men-13

14. Medium Haircut Idea for Mature Men

Long Hairstyles Men-14

15. Cool Mid-Long Hairstyle Idea

Long Hairstyles Men-15