Mens Long Hairstyles

15 Hairstyles for Men Long Hair

Long hair for men. Some say: Don’t do it. We say: Do it right. If you’re going wear it long, here’s how to look good. Long mens haircuts are one of the signature rebellious looks. Wearing hair long, as seen on Johnny Depp andJared Leto, the message is one of individuality and non-conformity. It’s true. Wearing mens hair long isn’t for everyone. But the converse is also true. Short hair mens hair isn’t for everyone either. There are an error men often make after deciding to wear hair long. The error is simply growing long hair without any further haircuts. To look it’s best, long hair must be cut into a hairstyle. Keep reading for how to wear long hairstyles for men. Check out this 15 Hairstyles for Men Long Hair gallery.

1. Douglas Hickmann’s Handsome Long Hairstyle

Douglas Hickmann Long Hairstyle Men

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2. Brown Color with Long Hairstyle

Brown Color Mens Hairstyles Long

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3. Ezra Miller’s Dark Long Hairstyle 2015

Ezra Miller Mens Long Hairstyles 2015

4. Long Hair Style for Men with Bun

Long Hair Styles Men with Bun


5. Johnny Depp’s Long Wavy Hairstyle

Johnny Depp Hairstyles for Men Long Hair

6. Blonde Long Hair for Men

Blonde Long Haired Men


7. Val Zilske’s Fine Long Hairstyle

Val Zilske Long Hairstyle

8. Emil Andersson Long Messy Hairstyle

Emil Andersson Hairstyles for Men Long Hair

9. Sam Elliott’s Mid Length Hairstyle

Sam Elliott Hairstyle for Men

10. Nice Long Wavy Haircut for Men

Nice Long Haircuts for Men


11. Chris Hemsworth’s Long Blonde Hair

Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles for Men Long Hair

12. Brock O’Hurn’s Attractive Long Hair

Brock O'Hurn Hairstyles for Long Hair Men

13. Christian Kane’s Long Straight Hair

Christian Kane Long Hair Men

14. Brad Pitt’s Long Blonde Hair

Brad Pitt Hairstyles for Long Hair Men

15. Viggo Jonasson’s Dark Long Hair Style with Highlights

Viggo Jonasson Dark Long Hair Style

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