Faux hawk hairstyles for men pictures

Mens Short Haircuts for 2012 – 2013

There is no doubt that men with short hair look more trendy and decent. Due to this most of the girls and women go for the men who have short hair. Most of the men believe that their natural hairstyle is best for them both of them want to remain trendy, they must try something new with their natural hair. It will definitely make them look trendy and these hairstyles will be in 2012-2013 fashion season. Here are few short hairstyles for men which they can try in 2013:

Faux Hawk, a Hollywood celebrity, recently got a short haircut with spikes on it. He is looking damn hot in this new hairstyle.

Faux hawk hairstyles for men pictures

Paul Walker is a hot celebrity in town. In 2013, he also got a new look and he is looking stunning in it.

Celebrity short haircuts men

Undercut is best for the men who want extra short hair. Long hairs from the center and extra short from the sides look tremendous on men.

Undercut hairstyle for men 2013

Girls love these kind of messy hairstyles. These hairstyles are trendy and give a cool look to your personality. Girls will go crazy for you if you will try this hairstyle.

Men short messy hair look

Want a hot look? If yes, then you must try this very short hairstyle. It will make you look sexy and will give you an appealing look.

Mens very short hairstyles 2013

Want a cute look? Then you must try bangs, bangs not only make girls look cute but also men. This is the best hairstyle for the school boys who want to look cute in their school.

Short mens hairstyles with bangs

Men who want to get a unique look and want to try something different must try this layered hairstyle. They will look cool in this hairstyle and girls will surely go mad for them.

Mens short layered haircut