Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Men New Celebrity Hairstyles

As we all know that celebrities always carry the latest and trendy hairstyles to look stylish, attractive, smart and different from others. Here are some examples of best and popular trendy hairstyles and hair looks carried by the most well known and smart attractive celebrities. These may also be helpful for you to carry the new and trendy look this year.

Sam Elliott is a well known celebrity and a very smart and stylish man. This year, to look smart and different from others, he carried an attractive simple short haircut with a unique hairstyle.

Sam Elliott hairstyle


Adam Brody is also a well known celebrity and a very handsome and attractive stylish personality. This year he carries a short simple haircut with the rough hairstyle. He looks amazing in that new trendy hair look. Brownish hair color tone also suits on his personality and look best with that hair style.

Adam Brody hairstyle


This Well known and attractive celebrity looks amazing and hot in that short haircut. Look at the picture below, he had a very simple and attractive short haircut with messy hairstyle and with a black hair color tone. He looks decent and smart in that hairstyle.

Jensen Ackles haircut


Ian Somerhalder also carried a short and simple trendy haircut this year. He looks amazing and attractive in that decent haircut.

Ian Somerhalder haircut


Orlando Bloom had a different and stylish hairstyle. He carries a bit long hairs with a rough wavy and messy hair style. He looks different and amazing in that haircut.

Male celebrities with wavy hair


This year, to look unique and trendy, Dave Grohl carry simple long hairs with the wavy hair style. He carries this haircut with the black hair color tone and looks different and trendy in that hair style. This wavy hairstyle suits on his personality.

Dave Grohl long hair




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