Latest Haircuts for Classy Older Men

Some people say that you can have modern and trending haircuts when you are at a certain age. But we should remind that women find older men more charismatic and if you are in your 40’s you will be more and aware of your looks. You know which haircuts and styles are suitable for your hair type and face shape. But you may need a little help to make it look much more flattering and cool. So all you need to do is browsing our gallery and find the best trending haircut idea that you like the most.

We admit that not all the young and trending haircuts are suitable for older men but there are lots of different options that will make you look younger and cool.  Short to medium haircuts are great for men, especially with graying hair. If you have thinning hair you should go with shorter haircuts.  Pompadour is one of the most popular haircuts for men of all ages. You can style it differently for many special occasions,  slicked back or side parted.  So here are the best hairstyle ideas for older men with a classy style:

1. Older Men’s Style Haircut

Older Men Haircuts

2. Casual Short Haircut

Best Older Men Haircuts

3. Classy and Cool Hair Cut

Older Men Hair Cuts

4. Short Grey Hairstyle

Older Men Hairstyles

5. Slicked Back Hair 2017

Older Men Haircuts 2017


Older Men Haircuts-6


Older Men Haircuts-7


Older Men Haircuts-8


Older Men Haircuts-9


Older Men Haircuts-10