Mens Hair Color

Hair Color Ideas for Men

In 2013, short haircuts and hairstyles are popular among men. Men can carry these men haircuts with unique and different amazing styles and color tones to look trendy and different from others. Here are some popular trendy and cool examples of hairstyles and hair colors, must watch them these may be helpful for you to carry new trendy look in 2013.

This man in the picture below had a short haircut with grayish white hair color tone. This hair color tone looks amazing, decent and attractive. Further he carries simple short haircut with the simple side part hair style and this hairstyle and hair color suits on his personality.

Men white hair color


Men can also carry red hair color tone. In the picture below, this man looks amazing and attractive in this messy rough short haircut with the trendy and stylish red hair color tone.

Mens red hair color


Blonde hair color tone is the trendy hair color tone in 2013. All the lighter and darker shades of blonde hair color look appealing and attractive with trendy short haircuts.

Hairstyles for straight blonde hair men


To look trendy and different from others, this man carries short haircut with the lighter tone of pink hair color which look amazing and unique. This is too different hair color tone which is trendy and popular now days.

Men pink hair color


Another amazing green color carried by this man with the short haircut. It also looks amazing and trendy. He carried this hair color with straight short and simple hairstyle and he look unique and trendy in that hairstyle.

Men green hair color


Blue hair color tone is also very trendy, stylish and unique. In the picture below, this boy carries bluish hair color tone with the short haircut and also with the spiky hairstyle. This Asian Man looks cool and attractive in this unique hair style.

Men blue hair styles




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