Dark Wavy Hair Guys

Dark hair is not unusual among the many men of this world. Although it does come with its mystery with regards to styling for that perfect look. The colour is widely known to help emphasize different features of a face thanks to its contrast with skin complexion. The general rule of thumb with dark mens style is that the thicker it is, the less product you should be lathering on, unless you want to look like the Lego man. Dark colored hair has more melanin than lighter hair and tends to be thicker and reflects light more than light hair in general, though again this is not always the case, but thick, shiny hair is also a positive sign of good health. We’ve collected some glamorous Guys with Dark Hair to you for inspiration.

1. Best Guy Style with Dark Hair

Best Guys with Dark Hair

2. Dark Wavy Messy Hair for Guys

Dark Wavy Hair Guys

3. Dark Thick Medium Hair for Guy

Dark Medium Hair Guy

4. Dark Brown Long Hairstyle for Guys

Dark Brown Long Hair for Guys


5. Dark Short Haircut for Guys

Dark Short Hair Ideas for Guys

6. Very Long Dark Straight Hair for Guys

Dark Long Straight Hair Idea for Guys

7. Medium Dark Wavy Hairstyle for Guys

Medium Dark Hair for Guys Idea


8. Guy with Dark Very Short Hair

Guys with Dark Short Hair Idea

9. Guy with Dark Short Straight Wavy Hair

Guys with Dark Short Wavy Hair Ideas

10. Trendy Guy with Straight Dark Hair

Trendy Guys with Dark Hairstyles


11. Trendy Guy with Long Dark Wavy Hair

Trendy Guys with Long Dark Hairstyles

12. Classy Guy with Dark Combed Over Hair

Classy Guys with Dark Hairstyles

13. Guy with Dark Brown Curly Hair

Guys with Dark Brown Wavy Hairstyles

14. Guy with Thick Dark Slicked Back Hair

Guys with Dark Slicked Back Hairstyles