Mens Celebrity Hairstyles

Best Mens Celebrity Hairstyles 2012 – 2013

Almost all the people take inspiration from celebrities. They not only try to imitate their personality but also their looks. Of course they can’t copy their features but can imitate their hairstyle. Every year almost all the celebrities take a makeover and try new hairstyles which of course become the fashion scene for that specific time. Like always this year and celebrities have tried various hairstyles on their hair. Here the few best men’s celebrity hairstyles which you can try on your hair:

Ryan Hansen has blond hairs and he has tried bangs this year. He is looking cute and trendy in his new look.

Male celebrities with blonde hair

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Joe Manganiello very well know how to win the hearts of female fans. He has tried this short haircut on his hair. He is looking decent and modern in his new appearance.

Male celebrities with short hair

Sheldon Cooper has tried extra short hairstyle on his hair. He is looking cool in this hairstyle and definitely girls will go crazy for him.

Sheldon Cooper haircut

George Clooney has proven that getting a new look is not only abundant for the young celebrities but elder celebrities can also go for a new hairstyle. He has adopted the extra short hairstyle and he is looking extremely hot in it.

George Clooney haircut

Collin Farrell is looking trendy and hot in his new appearance. He has adopted a pretty decent look this year and you can hope that this hairstyle will be in 2013 fashion scene.

Colin Farrell haircut

Leonardo Dicaprio has tried spiky hairstyle on his hair and he is looking quite trendy and modern in this new hairstyle.

Leonardo Dicaprio Spiky Hairstyle

David Beckham has got the undercut hairstyle accompanied with the long hairs from the center. He is looking elegant in his new avatar.

David Beckham hairstyle

Andrew Garfield is looking hot in his messy hairstyle. His hairstyle is so trendy that it will surely be in 2013 fashion scene.

Andrew Garfield hairstyle

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