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Afro Taper Haircut Pictures

Tapered hairstyle refers to one in which the hair are kept longer in length on top while the hair length is made shorter on the bottom of back and side. The hair on top can be side parted, slicked back in comb over style. Afro taper haircut is usually adopted by black mens hairstyle and a tapered Afro is generally shorter on the sides and back with a bit more fullness on the top. This style is specifically for African American men with curly or kinky hair. This look can be ideal for round facial types, as it slims the face and flatters features. A tapered style is also a traditional and simple way to experiment with your natural hair type. In this article, you can find the most suitable Afro Taper Haircut Pictures for inspiration to you.

1. Best Curly Afro Taper Haircut Picture

Best Afro Taper Haircut Pictures


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