Trendy Mens Hairstyles

50 Trendy Hairstyles for Men

With 2015 on the horizon many guys are wondering what’s going to be the next great hair trend. Based on our findings and latest men hair styles from the fashion capitals of the world we have a quite good opinion about what’s going to be the new big hit men’s hairstyle for the new year. Fashions come and go suddenly, they are back again. We collected recently popular hairstyles for you.

Trendy hairstyles and haircuts are not just limited to women. Men can try and play around with diverse cuts, styles and complimenting hair colors as well. There is clearly one for every type of man out there. Short, long, layered, spiked up, forelocks, etc… The best choice to create modern and stylish haircut is to wear short style with longer bang that will give you with endless styling selections. Moreover, such hairstyle will be perfectly appropriate for any face shape and hair texture. All you need is to choose for brand new haircut and enjoy unlimited advantages of your new hairstyle.

Some hairstyles stay new. Men still like to wear long hair, gelled hairstyles and beards. They continue part of men’s 2015 hairstyle trends. We looked for men’s favourite styles, which are now more popular than ever. Stay tuned for the valid hairstyle highlights for men complete with styling tips. Here are various hairstyles, one could choose from. Take a look at these fabulous 50 Trendy Hairstyles for Men.

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1. George Gregory Plitt’s Trendy Hairstyle

George Gregory Plitt Hairstyles for Trendy Men

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2. Best Trendy Haircut for Men

Best Trendy Mens Haircuts


3. Cool Wavy Undercut Hair

Cool and Trendy Mens Hairstyles


4. Long Top and Shaved Side Hairstyle

For Mens Trendy Haircuts 2015


5. Awesome Messy Hairstyle for Men

Male Hairstyle 2015 Trends


6. Side Parted Ginger Hairdo for Men

Side Parted Ginger Hair


7. Trendy Hairstyle with Undercut

Undercut Trendy Hairstyles for Men


8. Modern and Cool Hairstyle with Blonde Hair

Trendy Cool Modern Men Hairstyles


9. Trendy Thick Hairstyle for Men

Thick Style Men's Hair


10. Stylish Hipster Style for Men

Hipster Styles for Men Hairstyles


11. Modern Business Medium Hairstyle

Modern And Trendy Mens Hairstyles

12. Nice Short Hairstyle for Men

Nice Short Hairstyles for Men


13. Trendy Slicked Back Wavy Hairdo

Trendy Slicked Back Wavy Hairstyles


14. Good Spiky Haircut for Men

Good Haircuts for Men Hairstyles


15. Ryan Taylor’s Trendy Hairstyle

Ryan Taylor Hairstyles Trend

16. Cool Straight Trendy Hairstyle

Straight Trendy Men Hairstyles for Men


17. Trendy Fashion Hair for Men

Trendy Fashion Style for Men


18. Trendy Wavy Hair with Undercut

Trendy Wavy Hairstyles with Undercut


19. Best Skater Hairstyle for Guys

Best Skater Hairstyles for Guys


20. Best Fashion Hair Trend for Men

Best Fashion Hair Trend for Men


21. American Crew Hairstyle for Thick Hair

American Crew Hairstyles for Trends


22. Nicklas Kingo’s Blonde Trendy Hairstyle

Nicklas Kingo Blonde Trendy Hair

23. Dapper Hair for New Trends

Dapper Mens Hair for New Trends


24. Tim Bormann’s Trendy Messy Hairstyle

Tim Bormann Hair Trends for 2015

25. Ricki Hall’s Hairstyle

Ricki Hall Hairstyles for Men

26. Very Trendy Edgy Guy Hairstyle

Trendy Edgy Guy Hairstyles


27. Undercuts Hair with Side Parts

Trendy Men's Undercuts with Side Parts


28. Andrew Osborne’s Ginger Hairstyle

Andrew Osborne Hairstyles for Trendy Men

29. Messy Hairstyle for Cool Men 2015

Trendy and Messy Hairstyle 2015


30. Faded  Straight Hair Style

Faded Style Trendy Straight Hair


31. Stylish Pompadour Hairstyle for Guys

Fashionable Hair Pompadour for Trendy Style


32. The Best Trendy Hairstyle for Men 2015

Best Trendy Hairstyle for Men 2015


33. Side Parted Hairstyle with Undercut

Trendiest Men's Undercuts


34. Short Blonde Trendy Hairdo

Short Blonde Trendy Hairstyles for Men


35. Very Cool Trendy High and Tight Haircut

Cool Trendy High and Tight Haircuts


36. Classy and Trendy Tailored Haircut

Classic Trendy Tailored Men's Hair Cut


37. Masculine Straight Side Parted Hairstyle

Trendy Straight Side Parted Hairstyles


38. Sebastian Wileman’s Messy Hairstyle

Sebastian Wileman Hairstyles for Trendy Style

39. Comb Over Straight Brown Haircut

Straight Brown Haircut for Trendy Men


40. The Best Faded Short Hairstyle

Best Faded Short Hairstyles Trends


41.  Classical Hairstyle for Business Men

Trendy Classical Hairstyles for Men


42. Shawl Collar Cardigan’s Very Trendy Hairstyle

Shawl Collar Cardigan Trendy Hairstyles for Men

43. Chris Pine Hairstyle for 2015

Chris Pine Hairstyles Trendy Look 2015

44. Mariano Di Vaio’s Slicked Back Hairstyle

Mariano Di Vaio Trendy Hairstyles

45. Cool Light Brown Hairstyle

Trendy Light Brown Hairstyles for Men


46.  Handsome Light Brown Hairstyle

Trendy Light Brown Hairstyles


47. Trendy Short Layer Haircut

Short Layer Cut Trendy Hairstyles Men


48. Trendy Hipster Hairstyle for Guys

Mens Trendy Hipster Hairstyles


49. Very Trendy Slicked Back Haircut  for Straight Hair

Trendy Slicked Back Hair for Straight Style


50. Tom Bull’s Messy Hairstyle with Beard

Tom Bull Hairstyles for Trendy Men's

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