Cool Mens Hairstyles

Summer is over and fall has arrived in most parts. And with this change of the seasons we are seeing a sudden change in the styles of men’s styles and haircuts. Shorter to medium length hair was the norm for spring and summer. All sorts of fades, undercuts, and modern variations of men’s classic haircuts were in style and being pumped out by barbers around the globe. But this fall 2015 we are seeing a very different trend being put out there by the leaders in the barbering world. The current men’s hairstyle trend is longer hair on top and or a more natural looking style that can be worn both clean or messy. Or both longer and natural looking at the same time. Sides and back are still short, but not necessarily being shaved off by clippers. There are many creations being cut with shears or scissors. These 30 Cool Men Hair will look perfect no matter the occasion, whether you’re attending a new years party and need a great hairstyle or just want to look your best for a new job or new semester of college.

1. Cool Dark Hairstyle for Men

Cool Mens Hairstyles

2. Messy Grey Hairstyle for Men

Grey Hairstyles for Men

3. Casual Slicked Back Hairstyle

Casual Men Hairstyles

4. Short Side Haircut for Men

Short Side Mens Haircuts

5. Long Blonde Haircut for Cool Men

Long Haircuts for Men

6. Short Summer Hair for Men

Men Summer Hair

7. Classy Short Brown Hair

Men Classy Hair Styles

8. Short Shaved Hair with Blonde Color

Shaved Men Hair Styles

9. Classy Hair for Older Men

Classy Men Hair Style

10. Shaved Side Mid Length Hair

Men Shaved Side Hair

11. Braided Top Bun Hair

Men Braided Bun Hair

12. Faded Curly Hair for Men

Men Faded Curly Hair Styles

13. Straight Messy Hair

Cool Men Straight Hair

14. Hair Bun Style

Cool Men Hair Bun

15. Messy Wet Hair for Men

Cool Men Messy Hair

16. Faded Cut Pompadour Hair

Men Fade Cut Pompadour Hair

17. Long Top Hair for Men

Cool Men Long Top Hair

18. Slicked Back Hair for Men

Men Slicked Back Hair

19. Classy Combed Over Style Hair for Men

Men Classy Style Hair Cut

20. Wavy Long Hair for Men

Men Wavy Long Hair

21. Curly Cool Hair for Black Men

Men Curly Cool Hair Styles

22. Trendy Slicked Back Hair for Men

Men Trendy Hairstyles

23. Curly Ginger Hair for Men

Men Curly Ginger Hair

24. Stylish Mid Length Hair

Cool Men Stylish Hair

25. Man with Faded Straight Hair

Cool Men Faded Straight Hair

26. Stylish Hair for Men

Cool Stylish Men Hair

27. Medium Style of Older Man’s Haircut

Medium Styles of Mens Haircuts

28. Coolest Blonde Hairstyle for Men

Coolest Blonde Hairstyles for Men

29. Style Haircut with Cool Man

Style Haircut Cool Men

30. Faded Haircut Color Style for Men

Faded Haircuts Styles Men