20 Male Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Men with curly hair enjoy the freedom to wear a lot of hairstyles. They can choose to look cool and dashing with both short and medium hair. Even more, you can have a sexy look with long hair only on top. Recently, one of the most trendy curly hairstyles is fringe falling down over the forehead. Pair the hairstyle with fades or undercuts and you’ll have a killer look.

1-Male Hairtyles for Curly Hair

Male Hairtyles for Curly Hair, Curly Hairtyles Mens Zac

This curly male hairstyle gives you a fresh look all the time. With this hairstyle, you will need to spend less time in maintenance. Roughly run your fingers through the hair and you can get the same look that you got after the first trim. What more a man with curly hair expect?

2-Textured Hair

Textured Hair, Curly Men Hair Hairtyles

To cope up with that messy morning bed head, no other option is better than this male hairstyle for curly hair. Besides, you can look perfectly set for any occasion simply by using some gel or hairspray. Since your short curls will remain close to the head, needless to say, together all the curls will lend your hair a certain amount of volume.

3-Thick Hair

Thick Hair, Curly Taper Hair Hairtyles

Men with curly thick hair are always a craving desire of ladies. But things can go wrong if you fail to manage your thick hair properly. With this shaved sides and longer hairs on the front, it’s easy to tame your curls. Consequently, you get a bunched up curly on the top of your head, that hangs over your forehead adding an air of badass to your contour.

4-Curly Hair

Curly Hair, Curly Long Aidan Momoa

With this male hairstyle for long curly, you are sure to be flooded with words of appreciation. And that sneaky look from the ladies, especially your crush’s, is bound to rise you to the cloud nine. No matter how much textured or not your curl is, this hairstyle will ultimately rock your look.


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