Asian Mens Hairstyles

18 Asian Hairstyles for Men

With varieties in skin tone and thick hair texture, Asian men are tend to look different. No matter how short or long your hair is, you can opt for different hairstyle matching your complexion and face cutting. A new hairstyle can change your image. In fact, sometimes it’s your haircut that decides how people will see you. While a spiky Asian hairstyle seems intensifying to your overall look, you can minimize the setting by combining it with a light mustache and beard.

1-Asian Hairtyles for Men

Asian Hairtyles for Men, Short Style Men Mens

This hairstyle for men gives you a new and cool look. It requires less maintenance from your part. Best of all, it fits all occasion. You will never feel like unsuited for either for your school or some party. Even better, anyone can have it irrespective of their facial cut, meaning that this Asian hairstyle looks good with all sorts of facial features , be it round, or high forehead, or broad face, or small chin.

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2-Very Long Hair

Very Long Hair, Long Jared Men Asian

Your masculinity will be even more perceptible with this style. It not only enhances people’s gaze at you but also lends a bonus smile from your lady admirers. What more a man want? It’s perfectly okay for those who are less likeable to cut their hair every and then, while looking decent in-between. You see that killing glamor on the look? The light beard and mustaches are the culprits.

3-Crew Cut

Crew Cut, Fade Haircut Mens Hairtyles

A more appealing look for Asian men could be the crew cut. While this super fabulous hairstyle spreads a inspiring vibe around, you can’t go wrong with it, even when you’re after increasing a little bit your height. As you can see, the front hair is kept longer, shaving the sides and shortening the back hair. Such treatment aids in portraying a straight horizontal line whenever you see it in profile view. And only by running your fingers through the hair, you can choose to set a look you want every time you plan to go out.


4-Summer Hair

Summer Hair, Men Summer Hair Mens

While summer is a hot season, you can just add to the temperature raise by this sexy Asian summer hairstyle. It lends a kind of rebellious air on your appearance. And the shaved back and sides will simply heighten the edge factor.

5-Choppy Hair

Choppy Hair, Pixie Hair Tapered Home


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