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15 New Guy with Blue Hair

Girls aren’t the only people enjoying colorful hair trends – men want to get in on the attractive fun, too! In the new trend, men are dyeing their hair and even their beards in bright shades of blue to look like mysterious creatures of the deep. While the multi-toned sand art men hair trend is reportedly on the rise for women – it looks like men are joining in with a brave new trend of their own which is seeing more than a few fellas adding bright blue hues to their locks in a new trend. It’s no secret dyeing your hair all sorts of crazy hues is a hot trend at the moment. Take a look at these 15 New Guy with Blue Hair pictures below to see this new hair trend for guys.

1. Guy with Spiked Blue Hair

New Guys with Blue Hair

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2. Cute Emo Blue Hair Guy

Emo Blue Hair Guy


3. Guy Blue Spiked Hair Color

Guy Blue Hair Color

4. Dark Blue Asymmetrical Hair on Guy

Dark Blue Hair On Guys

5. Light Blue Hair for Asian Men

Light Blue Men Hairstyles

6. Dark Blue Hair Dye

Blue Men Hair Dye

7. Blue and Blonde Emo Guy Hair

Blue Emo Guy Hairstyles

8. Mid Length Blue Messy Hair with Guy

Blue Messy Hair with Guy

9. Cool Blue Messy Hair with Guy

Cool Blue Hairstyles with Guy

10. Blue and Black Hair with Asian Guy

Blue Hairstyles with Asian Guy

11. Long Blue Hair for Guys

Long Blue Hairstyles for Guys

12. Guy with Straight Pastel Blue Hair

Guy with Pastel Blue Hairstyles

13. Guy with Spiked Blue Purple Hair

Guy with Blue Purple Hairstyles

14. Guy with Blue Colorful Straight Hair

Guy with Blue Colorful Hairstyles

15. Guy with Light Blue Pompadour Hair

Guy with Light Blue Hairstyles


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