15 Layered Haircuts for Men

Layered hairstyles very trendy and popular this year. Also, they might seem like they are brand new, but they have really been around for quite some time. Fortunately, they are hairstyles that you can have done easily, and they do several things as; wavy, razored, shag, asymmetrical or even soft layers to his available haircut whether it’s a short, medium or long one!
As there’s no man who doesn’t want to look fashionable and attractive. Also, they are simple and easy to get as routine. So, if you don’t know how to do that or if you know but can’t do it, don’t hesitate, in this list, you can find 15 layered haircuts for men which can inspire you. And then go to your hairstylist and let him/her does the work for you.

1. Douglas Booth’s Layered Hairstyle

Douglas Booth Layered Hairstyle for Men

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2. Layered Hair with Undercut

Layered Haircut Men with Undercut


3. Tyler Blackburn’s Dark Layered Hair

Tyler Blackburn Mens Layered Hairstyles


4. Classy Layered Haircut for Men

Classy Layered Haircut for Men


5. Stylish Short Layered Hairstyle

Stylish Man Layers Haircut


6. Blonde Messy Layered Hairstyle for Men

Messy Layered Hairstyles Men


7. Diego Barrueco’s Shaggy Layered Hair

Diego Barrueco Layered Hairstyles

8. Diego Barrueco’s Straight Layered Haircut

Diego Barrueco Layered Hair

9. David Gandy’s Spiky Layered Hairstyle

David Gandy Layered Hairstyles

10. Handsome Blonde Layered Hairdo

Handsome Layered Hair


11. Brown Layered Hairstyle with Undercut

Brown Layered Hair with Undercut


12. Bobby Creighton’s Awesome Layered Hairstyle

Bobby Creighton Hairstyles

13. Johannes Huebl’s Blonde Layered Hairstyle

Johannes Huebl Hairstyles

14. Rick Day Layered Hair with Side Apart

Rick Day Hairstyles

15. Johannes Huebl’s Layered Haircut

Johannes Huebl Layered Hair

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