Mens Wavy Hairstyles

12 Short Wavy Hairstyles for Men

People, who used to believe that short hair can never be a part of modern fashion, will be proved wrong today. Because as you can see in the following list, how a wee bit of waviness has added so much energy and enthusiastic vibe to their entire personality. So, this time with your short hair won’t return disappointed. We’ve versatile short wavy hairstyles for men reserved in our collection.

Take the time to choose your favorite one, then spend quality time doing necessary steps and you’ll get a hairstyle that is enough to bring your appearance from blah to bling. Since the role of barber matters a lot here, be selective about who you choose to do that transformation in your hair.

1-Short Wavy Hairtyle for Men

Short Wavy Hairtyle for Men, Curly Hairtyles Short Dornan

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This short wavy hair for men will suit anyone no matter what skin tone he has. Apparently, it may seem messy and not done the hairdo appropriately. But there’s the real mystery resides! In fact, it’s a time consuming style at first time, of course. And once done, you are sure to go out even without combing. This after bed look is, thus, very much easy to maintain, simply running your fingers through the hair, can bring the same, majestic aura every time you want.

2-Trendy Hair

Trendy Hair, Mens Hairtyles Men Haircuts

With comparatively long hair on top of the head, that extends up to the front, this trendy hairstyle is the last thing many boy wants to have. This style not only gives them a sophisticated manly look but also saves their time from consistent struggle in fron to the bathroom mirror to tame their waves.

3-Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair, Henry Franco Men Wavy

Another wavy hairstyle has arrived to give you a classy look keeping the endless effort of controlling the waves in rest. No side fads required, no regular maintenance, nothing! With this hairstyle on your wavy hair, you can shake of those stress of perfect grooming.

4-Fade Haircut

Fade Haircut, Mens Fade Haircut Haircuts

5-Short Hairtyles

Short Hairtyles, Fade Low High Taper

6-Short Wavy Hairtyle for Men

Short Wavy Hairtyle for Men, Curly Men Pace Dornan

7-Thick Hair

Thick Hair, Fade Wavy Hairtyles Top

8-Crew Cut Men Hairtyle

Crew Cut Men Hairtyle, Men Hairtyles Wavy Short


Fade Hairtyles Young Wavy


Fade Taper Gray Hairtyles


Men Wavy Short Fade


Wavy Chris Jamie Male

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