Slick Hairstyles

10 Slick Hairstyles for Men

The Slick Back hair style is a short to medium length men’s hairstyle that actually has the hair swept back in a way so that the hair looks flat and has hardly any volume. The Slick Back style was a very common hairstyle at the turn of the 20th century as so was slicking the hair to the side; these days, the Slick Back hair style is commonly seen in the business setting is a perfect business hair style.
The current trend is for shorter-on-the-sides, longer-on-the-top cuts that are classic and stylish while still being modern and edgy. Throw a little product in there for some hold and some shine, and you’ve got a clean, masculine, sexy, variable look that guys. You can wear the style in a very formal fashion slicked back hair with a graceful side part or you can wear it with a matte finish product for a less formal, yet well-groomed look.
For inspiration, we’ve put a gallery of 10 Slick Hairstyles for Men ideas that you may want to try it.

1. Slicked Back Long Hair on Top Short

Slicked Back Long Hair on Top Short on Sides


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2. Best Slicked Hairstyle for Men

Best Slicked Hairstyles Ideas for Men


3. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Slicked Back Hair

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Slicked Back Hair

4. Slickback Haircut for Men

Slickback Hair Styles for Men


5. Cool Slicked Hairstyle with Blue Dye

Cool Slicked Mens Hairstyles with Blue Dye 2015


6. Razor Faded and Slicked Side Part Hairstyle

Razor Faded Slicked Side Part for Men


7. Slicked Hairstyle with Side Part

Men's Slicked Side Part Hairstyles


8. Cool Slick Hairstyle for Business Men

Slick Hairstyles 2014-2015 Men


9. Different Dark Slick Back Hairstyle

Different Slick Back Hairstyles for Men


10. Slicked Back with  Pompadour Haircut

Slicked Back Pompadour with Bald Fade


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