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10 Red Hair Color For Men

Red hair colour is by far the most rare hair color in the world. According to a report by the BBC , an estimated one to two percent of the world’s population has natural red hair and the majority of these individuals live in Northern Europe. There are certainly more people with black, brown, and blonde hair than redheads. Because it is rare, red hair is considered special. Men’s health also revealed that people with red hair have far more active sex lives than those with brown and blonde hair. As far as physical health, a shocking study found that people with red hair are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. The genetic mutation that led to their bright hair color, also gives them a higher risk for developing the degenerative disease. This same genetic mutation makes people with red hair have a higher tolerance for anesthesia, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it. Red hair comes in many shades between light strawberry-red to deep mahogany red. Women like to colour their hair red because it looks attractive. In contrast, red-haired style men usually have to thank nature for their red hair. Check out our 10 Red Hair Color For Men list.

1. Red Wavy Hairstyle for Men

Red Wavy Hair for Men


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2. Long Red Hair Color for Men

Long Red Hair Color Men


3. Adam Hicks with Red Hair

Adam Hicks Men with Red Hair

4. Man with Red Long Hair

Men Red Long Hair


5. Dark Hairstyle with Red Lights Color for Men

Dark Hair with Red Lights Color for Men


6. Best Red Hair Color

Best Men Hair Color Red


7. Ginger Red Hair Color for Men

Ginger Red Men Hair Color


8. Super Short Red Hair Color for Men

Super Short Red Hair Colored for Men


9. Cute Red Short Hairstyle for Men

Cute Red Short Hair for Men


10. Messy Red Long Hair Color for Men

Messy Red Hair Color for Men

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