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10 Hairstyles for Long Face Men

A haircut is personal and should be created to suit your face shape and hair type, as well as your image and personality. There’s nothing worse than getting your haircut and realising it doesn’t suit your face shape. Each person is different and our face shapes vary massively. To find the right mens styles for your face shape, it’s important to know your shape in the first place – this is essential to getting the best haircut possible. The right haircut can increase your best features and downplay your weaknesses. For those guys who have longer faces, long, flat hair and pointed standing styles like faux hawks should be avoided, since they only extend the face even more. Instead, go with one of the styles below to balance out your features. A neatly groomed beard can help ensure additional balance. Don’t let the facial hair to become too long as this will lengthen the face. Today, let’s look at 10 Hairstyles for Long Face Men.

1. Long Top Hairstyle for Long Faces

Best Mens Hairstyles for Long Faces

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2. Ginger Hairstyle for Long Face Men

Cool Hairstyle for Long Face Men

3. Spiked Hairstyle for Long Faces Men

Spiky Hairstyles for Long Faces Men

4. Fine Blonde Hairstyle for Long Faces

Classy Mens Hairstyles Long Face

5. Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Men with Long Face

Mens Buzz Cut Hairstyles Long Face

6. Bun Hairstyle for Long Faces

Mens Ponytail Hairstyles Long Face

7. Celebrity Long Hairstyle for Long Face

Mens Long Hairstyles for Long Face

8. Straight Hairstyle with Side Bangs for Long Face

Mens Straight Hairstyles for Long Face

9. Messy Curly Short Hairstyle for Long Face

Mens Curly Short Hairstyles for Long Face

10. Trendy Dark Blonde Hairstyle for Long Face

Mens Trendy Hairstyles for Long Face

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