Thin Hair

10 Fine Hair Men

You may feel limited with your styling options if you have thin hair. Fine hair means one of two things: perhaps you’re fighting family genes and now don’t have as much hair as you had when you were younger, or maybe you have a full head of hair but it doesn’t feel very thick. Either way, you can still rock a great style with one or more of these 10 Fine Hair Men in your arsenal!

First, some general suggestion that works for thin and fine hair. First, a good haircut styles itself. It should look well anywhere you put it so work with your barber or stylist to find a cut that works for you. Second, spray a little dry shampoo at the roots and use your hands to create a great shape with what you have that given to work with. Look at these men’s hairstyles and get inspired.

1. Chris Hemsworth’s Fine Blonde Hairstyle

Chris Hemsworth Mens Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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2. Jared Leto’s Fine Medium Haircut

Jared Leto Hairstyles for Men with Fine Hair

3. Best Hairstyle for Fine Hair for Men

Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair Men


4. Gabriel Aubry’s Fine Messy Haircut

Gabriel Aubry Mens Hairstyles Fine Hair

5. Gabriel Aubry’s Blonde Fine Hairstyle

Gabriel Aubry Hairstyles


6. Straight Light Brown Hair for Men

Straight Light Brown Fine Hair for Men


7. Blonde Fine Hair Hairstyle for Men

Blonde Fine Hair Hairstyles Men


8. Patrick Kafka’s Straight Fine Hair

Patrick Kafka Fine Hair

9. Hugh Jackman’s Best Fine Hairstyle

Hugh Jackman Best Celebrity Fine Hairstyle

10. Best Fine Haircut for Men with Thin Hair

Best Fine Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

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