35+ Haircut Styles for Men

In recent years it seems like pretty much anything goes when it comes to men’s hairstyles. It may have something to do with the actors rocking them, but the perfectly coiffed hairdos à la Mad Men and the shaggy looks taken from the scenes of The Game of Thrones undoubtedly make an effect. To help you choose the best cut for your hair type and preference, we have compiled 35+ Haircut Styles for Men. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Spiked Light Brown Haircut Style for Men

Best Haircut Styles for Men

2. Cool Dark Messy Haircut

Cool Mens Haircut

3. Light Brown Long Top Haircut

Cute Men Haircut

4. 2015 Shaved Side Haircut for Men

2015 Haircut for Men

5. Hipster Straight Haircut for Men

Hipster Haircuts of Men

6. Spiked Dark Haircut Style

Best Mens Haircuts Style

7. Dark Faded Haircut and Style

Stylish Mens Haircuts and Styles

8. Modern Pompadour Haircut Style for Men

Modern Haircut Styles for Men

9. Cool Slicked Side Haircut

Cool Mens Haircut Ideas

10. Messy Spiked Short Side Haircut

Men Short Side Haircut

11. Trendy Shaved Side Haircut for Men

Best Trendy Haircut for Men

12. Blonde Fade Haircut of Men

Best Fade Haircuts of Men

13. Wavy Medium Haircut Style

Mens Medium Haircuts Style

14. Mens Disconnected Undercut and Styles

Mens Disconnected Undercut and Styles

15. Douglas Booth Short Messy Haircut

Douglas Booth Haircuts

16. Trendy Thick Brown Haircut

Trendy Men Haircuts

17. Fashionable Shaved Side Haircut

Fashionable Men Haircuts

18. Black Curly Faded Haircut

Black Men Faded Haircuts

19. New Pompadour Haircut

New Men Haircuts Ideas


20. Messy Medium Haircut for Men

Messy Haircuts for Men


21. Casual Dark Thick Haircut for Men

Best Casual Haircuts for Men

22. Short Military Haircut for Men

Military Haircuts for Men

23. Curly Haircut Style with Undercut for Men

Curly Haircuts Styles for Men


24. Pompadour Hairstyle 2015 Undercut

Best Mens Hairstyles 2015 Undercut

25. Justin Timberlake Sleek  Haircut

Justin Timberlake Haircuts

26. Preppy Slicked Side Hairstyle for Men

Preppy Hairstyles for Men

27. Tom Hardy Combed Over Haircut

Tom Hardy Haircuts

28. Blonde Long Top Haircut

Men Long Top Haircuts

29. Dark Classy Slicked Haircut

Best Men Classy Haircuts

30. Hipster Grey Hairstyle for Older Men

Best Hipster Hairstyles for Older Men

31. Dark Brown Medium Haircut for Men

Best Medium Haircuts and Styles for Men

32. Highlighted Long Top Hair Cut Style

Best Men Long Top Hair Cuts Styles

33. Classy Spiky Hair Cut Style for Men

Classy Hair Cuts Styles for Men

34. Brown Haircut and Style for Men

Best Haircuts and Styles for Men

35. Pompadour Hair Cut Style

Men Hair Cuts Styles 2015

36. Slicked Back Hair Cut Style for Men

Best Hair Cuts Styles for Men