Really Stylish Faded Haircuts

Wanna look cool with a trending short hairstyle? In this post, we will talk about tapered short haircut ideas that will make you look much more attractive and handsome.

Tapered short hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for men because it can be so versatile and really easy to style. Faded haircuts are perfect for almost every man with different hair type but you need to be careful about some points. Your hair type is the key while choosing a tapered short haircut. For example, if you have thick, wavy hair medium length hair with sharp tapered style would look really stylish and cool on you. On the other hand, men with thin hair should avoid this style because it will make your hair look thinner so short haircut with blended tapered style would be a good choice for thin hair.  Faded haircuts are also perfect for men with curly hair and of course for black men, it is the most preferred hairstyle with disconnected style for black men.  You can complete the look with a beard too.

1. Faded Medium Haircut

Faded Haircuts

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2. Faded Haircut for Curly Haired Men

Faded Haircuts for Men

3. Spiky Top Faded Haircut

Men Faded Haircuts

4. Faded Haircut for Older Guys

Faded Haircuts for Guys

5. Faded Hair Cut Back View

Faded Hair Cuts


Faded Haircuts for Men-6


Faded Haircuts for Men-7


Faded Haircuts for Men-8


Faded Haircuts for Men-9


Faded Haircuts for Men-10

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