Trendy Mens Hairstyles

20 Mens Hair Trends

The trend for men’s hair styles this fall are all about keeping some length to work with on top and styling the hair with a blow dryer to give it a nice natural wavy look. We are seeing all sorts of combinations whether it be faded and longer on top, or cut with shears neatly on the sides to give the style an even more natural look. 2015 will bring some interesting hairstyles, we’re seeing a great resurgence of classic old school men’s haircuts but at the same time they’re not the neat and tidy glued down type of hairstyle we would think from a 1950’s cut. So let us help you get through this transition with these 20 Mens Hair Trends we selected just for you. We hope you enjoy them.

1. Spiky Hair Trend for Men

Best Mens Hair Trends

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2. Light Brown Hairstyle Trend

Cool Mens Hairstyle Trends

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3. Messy Hair Trend for Men

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4. Undercut Bun Hairstyle Trend

Men Bun Hairstyle Trends

5. Charming Ginger Hair Cut Trend

Men Ginger Hair Cut Trends

6. Hipster Blonde Hair Trend

Men Hipster Hairstyles Trends

7. Dark Undercut Hair Trend

Men Undercut Hairstyles Trends

8. Different Curly Hair Trend

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9. Stylish Brown Hair Trend

Men Stylish Haircuts Trends

10. Dark Hair Trend for Men

Mens Dark Hair Cut Trends

11. Fashionable Blonde Hair Trend

Mens Fashionable Haircuts Trends

12. Cool Combed Over Hair Trend

Cool Mens Hair Cuts Trends

13. Faded Dark Hair Trend

Mens Faded Haircuts Trends

14. Blonde Slicked Hair Trend

Mens Slicked Hairstyles Trends


15. Short Faded Side Hair Trend

Mens Short Sided Hair Cuts Trends

16.Short Side Long Top Hair Trend for Men

Mens Short Side Long Top Hair Trends

17. Modern Hair Trend for Men

Mens Modern Hair Trends

18. Casual Mid Legnth Hair Trend

Mens Casual Hair Cuts Trends

19. Shaved Side Hair Trend for Men

Mens Shaved Side Hair Cuts Trends

20. Faded Side Hair Trend for Men

Mens Faded Side Hair Trends

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