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15 Short Spiky Hair Men

Spiky hair was originally a military-inspired look, cut into a boxy flat top. Since then, spikes got longer and wilder but they can still be a clean cut look. For decades, a standard hairstyle for men has been short and spiked. It serves as a great stand by and remains stylish, depending on how it is worn. For 2015, spiky hair is still a popular look. The key is leaving that hair gel behind and embracing the best products to spike hair up. With the right product, you can wear any mens hairstyle in spikes, from fine to thick, and create your own original look. Check out these 15 Short Spiky Hair Men list for getting inspired.

1. Cool Short Spiky Hair for Men

Best Short Spiky Hair Men

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2. Short Haircut with Spiky Hair

Mens Short Haircuts Spiky Hairstyles


3. Cool Short Spiky Blonde Hairstyle for Men

Cool Short Spiky Hairstyles for Men

4. Short Spiky Hairstyle for Asian Men

Short Spiky Asian Mens Hairstyles

5. Faded Spiky Short Hair for Men

Fade Spiky Hairstyle for Men


6. Spiky Dark Hairstyle for Guys

Spiky Dark Hairstyles for Men


7. Short Dark Hairstyle with Spikes

Men Short Hairstyles with Spikes


8. Spiky Thin Blonde Hair for Older Men

Spiky Thin Blonde Hair for Men

9. Different Shaved Short Spiky Hairstyle

Different Short Spiky Hairstyles

10. Taylor Lautner Spiky Short Thick Haircut

Taylor Lautner Spiky Short Haircut

11. Best Summer Spiky Short Blonde Hair

Best Summer Spiky Short Men Hair


12. Jared Leto Short Spiky Hair

Jared Leto Spiky Hair

13. Daniel Radcliffe Spiky Light Brown Haircut

Daniel Radcliffe Spiky Men Hair

14. Fine Hairstyle with Spikes

Mens Hairstyles for Fine Hair with Spikes


15. Trendy Spiky Short Hairstyle for Men

Trendy Spiky Hairstyles for Men

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